#18: What is the Ideal strategy for note making for UPSC IAS Exam?

If you aren’t taking notes,you are not learning!!

What is note making ? How is it important? How can I make notes to avoid last minute hassle?

Note making is very important if you are preparing for the civil services examination.It not only saves your time but also helps you in last minute subject revision

Making your own notes is a crucial part of any exam. As the UPSC exam includes a vast array of subjects with a loose syllabus, it is very difficult to remember everything and impossible to go through the entire syllabus while revising. This is where effective notes for UPSC preparation helps!

 Although there are certain points which are to kept in mind before making your notes:

 Making notes from newspaper:

  •  Focus on issues, not news
  •  Limit your time for reading newspapers.
  • An effective way to remember the issue discussed in the newspaper is by creating flowchart or mind maps and relating it with past events. Relating different topics is also very important.

Making notes from NCERT:


  • Read Your NCERT thoroughly before making a note .
  • Read them first and outline the important lines on your  second  read . Never go in for making notes from the moment you start reading your textbook
  • Record-making is a very lengthy process but it is one of the most beneficial parts of studying.Make sure that all your notes are short and to the point so that you could study them just before your exam.
  • Use Current Affairs as a Part of Your Note-Making
  • Make Flowcharts or Hierarchy Charts
  • Make diagrams or hierarchy charts wherever possible. For example, in Polity there is a lot of information about government systems and their models, so for that part, one can easily make a chart.
  • Make Template Answers.Making templates makes it easier to remember the points and you can directly start writing the answer once you know what the question is about.
  • After you are done reading a topic or one subject, make a list of possible questions which could come out of the topic and make a template answer for them.
  • Limiting your sources and revision of what is available for the Exam is very important .Do not dwell into more and more resources available in the market as it will only create confusion .

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