#22: How to revise for prelims in one month ?

The month leading up to the Prelims examination is indeed a stressful time for all who are preparing for the Civil Service Examination. It is important that you don’t leave your foot off the pedal during this final lap. Revision of your notes, collecting all those mind-maps, graphs ,diagrams and flowchart in your head is vital and exhausting at the same time.
Here are some tips to help you come up with a basic plan for prelims:
Revision: The foremost step is to revise all your notes and resources. Do not go onto add more information to what is already available.
Positive attitude: Your attitude defines your action and thinking. Have a positive and calm attitude within this time period .Do not dwell into the ‘what if’ and ‘what not’ of the Exam as it will only discourage you and create unnecessary panic for the actual Exam.
Mock paper:
Attempting mock papers is very important ,as it will take you a notch higher to other candidates.
Attempt as many mock tests as you can and try to solve them in the UPSC time frame and it will also prepare you for the actual exam timing.
Time table: Assign yourself a time table to be followed strictly during revision.
Do not waste any minute.
Maintain your health ,yes maintaining your physical health is also very crucial at this time ,do not take unnecessary pressure and ignore it. Try to be more active by doing some exercises or yoga .
Do not waste your time on topics you don’t have a deep analysis of. Instead focus on areas you are sound in and revise them
Go through previous year papers to understand the pattern and type of questions asked by the commission.

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