#30 How To Stay Focused During UPSC Exam Preparation?

“The quality of your focus is the quality of your life”
This quote aptly describes the power of focus during this exam.Upsc might just be an exam but for many it is more than emotion. Students prepare for years to get into the service of their choice. However few of them make it to the final list. A focused mind leads to a healthy understanding. The syllabus of upsc is vast and requires a lot of study and understanding but studying for hours can be mentally taxing which leads to poor concentration levels. To develop your focus there are certain things which you should pay attention to :

1.Find your ‘why’

Watching motivational videos can be a good start to your studies but without finding your reason to reach your goal ,those will be useless and a complete waste of time.find your goal and the reason to reach it. This will ultimately serve as reason enough to focus yourself on it.

2. Make a study plan

Stick to your goal and make a preferred study plan according to it and complete it. In the beginning start with small goals to boost your confidence before jumping to bigger ones.

3. Practise a routine

Having a daily routine not only makes you self disciplined but also keeps you consistent for your goals.

4. Stay away from distractions

Keep your mobile phones and laptops away while you study. Never try to multitask as it never lets you concentrate completely on one thing. Sitting in front of the TV while studying is one of the worst choices you can make. Stay away from every distraction and focus solely on your studies.
5. Practise meditation

Meditation has proved to increase our focus and calm our mind .

6. Take small breaks

Never overexert yourselves. Recognize your limits and take breaks accordingly. When it seems that you cannot concentrate properly, take a break for a short while. Do meditation or exercise or anything that makes you feel energized, and then start studying again.

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