#33 How to manage your time as a working professional while preparing for UPSC?

There is no doubt that UPSC is by far the best career option you can choose and Many graduates and working professionals in India aspire to become Civil Servants. Some of you dedicate yourselves full time to UPSC preparation while many prepare with work. Managing Time for studying and taking care of health simultaneously while working a 9 hour job is the greatest challenge especially if you have a bank job.First and foremost,  the issue of availability of time for a working professional, is the major dissuading factor for many. There is no denying the fact that a working professional is relatively more taxed for time compared to an aspirant who is non-working and hence has all their time in for preparations.Working professionals also face lack of energy and focus because of their job ,they often find it tiring to juggle between work and studies.

The best thing a working professional could do is prioritise their schedule and formulate a time table and adhere to it.

1.Do not quit your job. Take a few leaves before the Prelims exam. Take a study break after clearing Prelims exam to focus full time on the Mains examination. Join back work after writing the Mains exam. UPSC interview panel looks favourably at aspirants with work experience for their sheer dedication and time management skills.

2.Keep resources limited. Read only one book/source for a particular topic. Read them multiple times.

3.Divide and Study,You should follow the strategy of dividing the larger topics into subtopics and complete them so that you can finish fast and keep down the tough topics that consume much time, as it will make it easy to cover the topics within the allotted study time. You should always start with the topics which are easy to understand and then move towards the tougher ones.

4.select your optional wisely according to the time you have. 

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